Agricultural Black Plastic Film

Agricultural Black Plastic Film

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Cover Material: Film
Layer: Single
Material: PE
Model Number: TW-AF-042
Type: Mulch
Material: PE plastic
Type: Agricultural Black Plastic Film
Sizes: 95cmx10m, 95cmx20m, or 95cmx50m

About this item

  • Color: Black
  • Thickness Black Agricultural Plants Shade PE Film Farm Greenhouse Perforated Film Plastic Film Mulching Membrane Keep Warm Wet Easy To Use Convenient and Save Time
  • Application: Agricultural Greenhouse Vegetable Fruit Tree Plants, Keep Warm, Keep Wet, Weeding
  • Several holes: 5 holes, Cave space: 15 cm, Diameter hole: 45 mm.
  • For the DIY enthusiast, there is a full set of instructions for building a Garden vegetable perforated PE film from scratch to keep your Agricultural venture productive in every season.